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The idea of this nursery is to provide you with everything you need to make your garden spectacular, relaxing, envy making but most of all just as you want it. We can’t guarantee it won’t take a little work but we can make it easier. Chinese lanterns, Japanese anemone, Australian tree ferns or good old English oak and everything in between. The right plants, advice and attitude to get your garden looking lovely. Come in and relax.

The Bowler Hat

Why The Bowler Hat you ask? It’s a simple harking back to times of horticultural excellence. Victorian and Edwardian gardeners were responsible for some of the most outstanding gardens in the world. The bowler hat is a part of that time as is the leather apron we wear around the nursery.

As a country our association with gardening is so strong and is now a most passionate pastime for so many of us that we hope the Bowler hat is representative of how much we value what we do and it’s place in our heritage.


Garden Sage was born like so many small businesses from the feeling that we could provide something better than the current offerings in the market place.

In our case this was plants and just plants. Knowledgeable gardeners are unable to find exactly what they would like and new gardeners are struggling to find the information they need to get a project off the ground. Our aim is simple. Garden Sage aims to provide good advice and great plants with as much enthusiasm as you can bare and with all the support you need to feel that your money is being spent on something worthwhile and personal to you.

Our nursery is full of unusual and fun plants as well as the staples that you need to make a garden work. Think of us as a good grocery store. We have beans but for that moment you need to show off we also have Sirloin steak. If for any reason we don’t have it, we can usually order it in for you or find the more unusual plants you have your heart set on.

Great plants, competent and cheerful service and a love of what we do.

The bit

Opened in March 2016 Garden Sage is the result of two horticulturists desire to spread horticultural knowledge and to provide high quality plants to the general public and trade.

Josie and Ed Nugent are both horticulturally trained. Josie trained at Writtle to complete an HND in horticulture and amenity landscaping whilst Ed studied at Pershore to gain an ND in HARDY NURSERY STOCK and an HND in COMMERICIAL CROP PRODUCTION.

Josie still focuses predominantly on her garden maintenance business ‘Josie Nugent Gardens’ but still plays a big part in the development and structure of Garden Sage.

Ed has worked in horticulture on retail nurseries and wholesale nurseries since he was 16 and has gathered knowledge from all over the world and in several facets of horticulture from the RHS flower shows, to nurseries in Oregon and throughout the UK as well as landscaping and garden maintenance. Having grown plants for the Gold winning New Zealand garden at Chelsea in 2004 and worked with David Davidson on Kirstenbosch Botanics medicinal plants garden at Chelsea in 1996 plus various other gardens his need to find the best quality plants has never been in question.

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